Prosthetic Services in North & South Miami

South Florida’s Premier Prosthetic Patient Care Facility

At Ortho Pro Associates, we take our work very seriously and are dedicated to helping our clients. We have incorporated the latest techniques and technology into our clinic to help you achieve your goals of optimal functionality.

The prosthetics services we offer include:

Innovative socket design

  • Double wall, vacuum, suction, locking
  • Sioux Socket
  • Subischial socket design
  • Otto Bock Harmony elevated vacuum
  • Ossur Unity elevated vacuum
  • OWW Limb Logic elevated vacuum

Microprocessor knees and feet

  • C-leg
  • Genium
  • X3
  • Rheo knee
  • Orion knee
  • Plié knee
  • Power knee
  • Linx knee/foot system
  • Proprio foot
  • Triton Smart Ankle
  • Élan
  • Biom
  • Raize

Lower extremity prostheses

  • Partial foot, Symes and Chopart prostheses
  • Below knee prostheses
  • Knee disarticulation prostheses
  • Above knee prostheses
  • Hip disarticulation prostheses
  • Prosthetic interface supplies
  • Immediate post-operative fittings

Upper extremity prostheses

  • Partial hand/finger prostheses
  • Below elbow prostheses
  • Above elbow prostheses
  • Shoulder disarticulation prostheses
  • Myoelectric and body powered prostheses
  • Dynamic arm certified
  • Myobock certified
  • Ilimb/digits certified
  • Bebionic hand
  • Hand and finger restorations, functional and cosmetic

Customized artistic socket design

Custom cosmetic skin

Custom Facial Prosthetic Restoration

We would like to offer you a complimentary consultation to discuss your condition and how we might be able to help you. Call us now at (305) 598-9688 (South Miami) to get started!

Our Values

  • Practitioners and staff regularly attend continuing education programs
  • Licensed by the State of Florida
  • All Practitioners received a higher level of education from an ABC accredited university
  • Our facilities have received ABC accreditation
  • We leverage the latest orthotic and prosthetic techology